Wesley Thompson

Wesley Thompson

Alabama House, District 3, AL

2022 Endorsement

Having served as pastor for five years and a hospice chaplain for three years, Wesley walked alongside people in not only their best moments but also their worst, allowing him to witness many angles of human experiences as well as Alabama’s healthcare system. Knowing that many of these experiences are a direct cause of legislation in this state, his perspective and empathy allow him to be a strong voice and advocate for those he serves.

As a substitute teacher and a father, he has a keen understanding of the importance of investing in the lives of our children and in the lives of the hard-working teachers dedicated to educating our children. Wesley has worked tirelessly to highlight injustice and promote meaningful solutions for change. “I use my voice, my energy, and my influence to help those who feel ostracized, voiceless, and mistreated. Anytime a person or group is unfairly dismissed due to their difference, I believe our community has an obligation to help.”

Wesley has shown a deep love and commitment to his community. His personal experiences and proven leadership make him uniquely qualified to serve the great people of the Shoals. District 3 deserves a representative who will stand up for the Shoals and make sure their voice is heard in Montgomery. Wesley aims to be that voice. Wesley is married to his college sweetheart Le’Tanndra, and they have 3 sons.