Carrie A. Rheingans

Carrie A. Rheingans

Michigan House, District 47, MI

2022 Endorsement

Carrie is a health policy expert, educator, and community organizer with decades of experience bringing people and organizations together to tackle complex systems issues that improve health and reduce disparities. Running on a platform of Healthy People, Healthy Families, and Healthy Communities, Carrie believes that we can create conditions for each and every one of us to thrive to the top of our potential.

Carrie currently serves as a contractor for the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, working on projects related to Michigan’s behavioral health services systems and healthcare transformation. Before that, she was a health policy advocate and organizer working to ensure access for low-income community members. Carrie seeks the voices and experiences of those affected by policy to guide her when she makes policy decisions.

Coming from a small town in Michigan and living in Ann Arbor for over 20 years, Carrie understands the issues that reach every corner of this district. As a Millennial parent, she knows the challenges of making ends meet with high housing costs, student loans, and high childcare costs. Carrie is active in her union, the U-M Lecturers’ Employee Organization, American Federation of Teachers Local 6244, and serves on her county’s Emergency Medical Services Commission and Board of Health. She is also on the executive board of her local Democratic club and the national organization Communities Joined in Action, which supports community leaders and organizations to improve health equity and reduce disparities in their own backyard.