Katybeth Davis

Katybeth Davis

Michigan Senate, District 16, MI

2022 Endorsement

Katybeth is running for Michigan State Senate in District 16. She works for a local construction company, is a mother of two children, and has been a human rights activist for over seven years. She is running because she is tired of the racism and discrimination she has faced in her community and she has what it takes to stand up to the elected officials who have made it this way.

Katybeth believes in racial justice for all and the the injustice of systemic racism needs to be addressed through criminal justice reform and re-allocating our funds in police departments to invest in mental and social service and invest in BIPOC communities.

Katybeth will fight to protect healthcare by standing up for people's access to critical health services such as birth control, abortions, mental health services, and cancer screenings. Reproductive rights are human rights and people should all have the freedom to choose.

Katybeth also knows that we can fight for our rights, but it won't matter if we don't have a planet to exercise those rights. Katybeth will ensure the great lakes and critical sources of water are protected from Corp polluters and PFAS. She will also advocate for renewable energy to get us completely off of fossil fuels.