DaVon Marshall

DaVon Marshall

Ohio House, District 3, OH

2022 Endorsement

DaVon is a native of Ohio, a committed organizer, and a dedicated advocate for underserved and marginalized communities. He attended grade school in the Columbus City School District, the largest Ohio school district but also the most underfunded. He became the first person in his family to attend higher education, and he began his career as a young mentor, educator, and volunteer for multiple organizations that respond to LGBTQIA+ rights, education reform, child protection, and more.

DaVon promises to build out public resources, such as improving access to education at all levels, improving public transportation, advocating for better healthcare solutions, making broadband services more affordable for low-income households, and building out social and physical infrastructure for all Ohioans.

DaVon believes that Ohio is at a crucial time for change, and it’s time to restore power to the people. He will fight for opportunities that elevate communities, not destroy them.