Keenon James

Keenon James

Maryland House, District 23, MD

2022 Endorsement

Keenon is a gun violence survivor dedicated to building safer communities. As a crime victims' rights advocate, he elevates the real-life stories and impacts of crime on families and communities seeking justice, restitution, and prevention.

Keenon has been working to reform policing and build safer communities for nearly 20 years including leading President Obama’s Collaborative Reform Initiative at the US Department of Justice. Keenon helped draft and pass Justice Reinvestment legislation in several states, including his home state of Maryland, to address sentencing disparities, reduce recidivism, increase resources to crime victims, and create economic opportunities for underserved communities.

The parent of two public school students, Keenon is invested in making sure the same school system that educated him and his wife, has the resources it needs to do so for their daughters. Keenon served at the parent-teacher organization president working to build partnerships between the school, families, local businesses and service organizations.

As a homeowner, Keenon values the financial foundation and generational wealth he is building for his family. Our community must be protected from discriminatory appraisal and devaluation practices. Keenon is committed to strengthening the Fair Housing Act to ensure black and brown neighborhoods are valued.

A graduate of North Carolina Central University, Keenon and his wife reside in Upper Marlboro, Maryland with their two daughters.