Shante' Burke-Hayer

Shante' Burke-Hayer

Mecklenburg County District Court Judge, District 26, Seat 1, NC

2022 Endorsement

Highly regarded for her work in and out of the courtroom, Shanté is known to be a woman of integrity and humility. She has a caring temperament with a principled and idea-driven demeanor that is essential for handling the high-pressure role of District Court Judge. She upholds a moral standard that is representative of what is expected within the criminal justice system – someone who is fair, just, and empathetic to the human experience. She believes that everyone should have access to justice and should be served with respect, dignity, and free from intimidation in the courtroom.

Growing up in rural North Carolina, in a place that is historically overlooked, underserved and unheard of, Shante’ has made Charlotte her home for the past 15 years. However, the beauty is she has been fortunate enough to live and serve the community in both areas which has equipped her to be understanding of the different walks of life that will stand before her as a District Court Judge. She has a diverse legal background with over 10 years of experience in criminal, family, juvenile law. She has handled hundreds of cases that range from child custody to child support, divorce, equitable distribution, domestic violence, abuse neglect and dependency cases, DUI cases, bond hearings, etc.

Shanté is running for District Court Judge, Seat 1 simply because she has the heart to serve all people regardless of race, gender, religion, economic status, or other diverse backgrounds; and to do so respectfully, fairly and impartially so that just solutions are rendered to all.