Anna Slotky Reitano

Anna Slotky Reitano

Los Angeles Judge of the Superior Court, Seat 60, CA

2022 Endorsement

Anna's background is in public service, representing the most vulnerable members of the Los Angeles community. As a trial attorney, Anna is in the courtroom daily. Her experiences in front of predominately white, male judges with a background in prosecution highlighted a need for diversity on the bench.

As a mother of two young children and a deputy public defender, Anna would bring a fresh perspective to judicial decision making. Anna is committed to ensuring fairness and justice for all, without bias based on income or education. Anna will treat all parties, victims, witnesses, and court staff with dignity and respect and promote equality from the bench.

Anna is the only candidate for Judge of the Superior Court Seat 60 who has experience using current laws to promote public safety through preventative measures. She has extensive experience working with social workers, finding mental health and rehabilitation programs, tackling housing insecurity, and fighting for access to services.

A judicial officer must stay current on the latest changes in the law, including an understanding of how the law has historically been used to exclude persons through systemic racism and classism. Anna is committed to using her position on the bench to embrace new laws seeking to make the judicial system more fair and equitable.