Larry Jackson

Larry Jackson

Michigan House, District 86, MI

2022 Endorsement

Larry brings 15+ years of public service experience from his time serving in the U.S. Navy, starting a non-profit, and serving his community as a Spring Lake firefighter. He believes in the politics of progress and in working together to build a state and district everyone can be proud of.

As a public servant, Larry used these principles in his life and in his community to create change. As a state representative, he will continue working every day to do the same. As the son and grandson of hardworking folks from the South, Larry understands the challenges that working families from the 86th District face because he has lived them. Coming from a family of poverty-stricken Southern settlers in Chicago, he knows Michigan can be a place of promise for many seeking to achieve the American Dream and prosperity.

Larry wants to do more to ensure that all families have a fair chance to get ahead. For too long, politicians have put partisanship over people. The state government needs to prioritize working families and understand the community’s stories of struggle and success. In Lansing, he will be honored to lead and fight for his constituents, and he will advocate for change.