Hunter Cain

Hunter Cain

Clark County Recorder, NV

2022 Endorsement

Hunter will be Clark County’s first licensed foster parent to serve as County Recorder. Hunter is a single Clark County foster parent who has devoted his life to help shelter and raise higher-level of care and at-risk youth. Hunter has fostered/adopted 27 youth ranging from 8 - 18 years old.

Hunter will be Clark County’s first combat veteran to serve as County Recorder. Hunter is a disabled combat veteran who spent nearly a decade in the US Army with deployments or service in Operations Iraqi Freedom, Enduring Freedom and New Dawn.

Hunter will be Clark County’s first openly LGBTQ+ County Recorder. After the repeal of don’t ask don’t tell, Hunter helped LGBTQ+ Veterans upgrade their less-than-honorable military discharges that were based on sexual preference.

Hunter is dedicated to community outreach where he organized over 100 community events, helped thousands of Southern Nevadans find social and mental health services, and brought back more than $2 million worth of federal benefits to those he helped.

Hunter is committed to reforming the Department of Family Services, creating a county Department of Veterans Affairs, and creating affordable and homeless housing. He continues to work with elected leaders and community partners to present innovative ideas for parks and recreational expansion, residential clean energy and Grey water systems, building rehabilitation centers as alternative sentencing, and ensuring that Clark County’s reputation is one that believe that one wage from one job is enough to support one family.