Christian May

Christian May

Benton County Justice of the Peace, District 5, AR

2022 Endorsement

Christian aims to bring transparency, accountability, and the needs of District 5 to the Quorum Court of Benton County, Arkansas. As one of the fastest-growing counties in the country, Benton County is in a unique position to prepare for its future - Christian is a candidate who will advocate for forward-thinking, data-driven policy.

With funds made available by the American Rescue Plan, Christian hopes to help Benton County recover faster from the COVID-19 Pandemic by reinvesting those funds into local businesses, our educators and projects that better Benton County as a whole. This includes funding to help develop infrastructure that will promote internet access to all, as it is a vital tool in today's world.

Christian has almost a decades worth of work experience in IT support and is currently an undergraduate student at the University of Arkansas studying Sociology - he hopes to use this experience to make policy that is inclusive of all members of the community and that is based in facts and data, not talking points or partisan agendas.

He hopes to get the community-at-large more involved in the on-goings of the Quorum Court, by providing simple easy-to-follow updates and ways to have the communities opinions heard.