Meg Rosenfeld

Meg Rosenfeld

Pennsylvania House, District 139, PA

2022 Endorsement

Meg is an educator, legal professional, and PA victims advocate who places the greater good of humanity above partisan politics. Through her leadership roles in schools, she knows that building community is vital and that all perspectives are valuable when tackling a problem. Her legal experience informs her understanding of how nuances in legislation directly impact lives. As a mother of a child who passed away from terminal brain cancer in 2012, she and her family know firsthand that the lack of access to local healthcare in rural communities is at a crisis level.

When Meg saw that she could be the change needed for our neglected rural communities she stepped up. Flipping the PA House must happen in this election cycle to prevent more regression. In today's divisive political climate, Meg is focused on building stronger communities through infrastructure repairs, fighting for access to affordable local healthcare, funding emergency medical services, establishing before and after school care in every public school, expanding career options through technical and community college initiatives, and supporting environmental conservation.

Meg will be diligent in her efforts to create policies that support raising the standard of living in rural communities and reflect her commitment to social justice. The local needs of her neighbors are what motivate her desire to create meaningful changes at the State level. Meg works, volunteers, and resides in Milford, PA with her 6 children and husband.