Sarah Rockwell

Sarah Rockwell

Alachua County School Board, District 3, FL

2022 Endorsement

Sarah has lived in Gainesville for more than half her life. She is a former special education teacher and mother of two children with disabilities. When she moved back to Gainesville six years ago, it was with the goal of raising her children surrounded by family and sending them to school in this community.

As a former teacher and mother, Sarah understands the difficulties teachers and parents face. Her daughter has medical disabilities, and she had to pull her children out of the school they loved because Florida's response to the pandemic made it impossible to send them to school and keep them safe. Sarah knows she is one of thousands of parents in her community who has had similar difficulties.

Sarah is running for school board because she wants to make sure all students get an education that meets their needs by closing the district's achievement gaps and improving its special education services. She wants to make sure teachers and staff feel supported as the professionals they are, rather than being censored and persecuted.

She wants to make sure all families feel like they are a part of the discussion surrounding big decisions that impact their children. Most importantly, Sarah values and wants to protect public education from attempts to privatize our schools and profit off our children.