Bevin McLeod

Bevin McLeod

Washington Senate, District 46, WA

2022 Endorsement

In 2009, Bevin arrived in Seattle with her son, and with no place yet to live they checked in at the Extended Stay Motel 6. Since then, and after receiving degrees in economics and international political economy, she co-founded a statewide non-profit where she assisted in the drafting and advocacy of the Pathway to Universal Healthcare Workgroup, and co-authored the first-in-the-nation permanent Universal Healthcare Commission. She also worked alongside a multitude of diverse stakeholders statewide to assist in passing legislation on increased affordability of health insurance, health systems transparency, and expanding medicaid coverage for immigrant women.

Now Bevin works at the WA State Dept. of Natural Resources where she supports the implementation of the principles of environmental justice and climate resilience through robust community engagement and cross-agency collaboration.

As a single working-class parent, Bevin knows firsthand how inequitable policy affects families, communities, and our natural environment. She knows that it is past time to change how we think about the issues that affect every one of us: education, housing security, healthcare, economic justice, and climate resilience. Her personal journey, like countless others, has not been easy, but it has been deeply rewarding and transformational. Tired of settling for piecemeal progress that hasn’t solved the crises that we're all living through, Bevin decided to run for the state senate, and if elected, would be the first woman to serve in this position in over 25 years.