Thomas Casez

Thomas Casez

Georgia House, District 40, GA

2022 Endorsement

Thomas is running for Georgia State House district 40. He is a resident of Vinings, a self-made software engineer, a father and a husband believes deeply in the power of public institutions to shape and improve the lives of everyone in Georgia.

With the problems facing Georgians being so vast - rising housing costs, runaway inflation, and never ending attacks on Georgia's cherished right to vote - Thomas believes that the solutions that we need to address these need to be new and bold. However, looking around the political system it seemed like the leadership of the state had barely shifted in the last 30 years - the same old leaders that had occupied the seats in 1990 were still occupying the seats now. So, Thomas made the decision to run for office in order to give a new generation of Georgians hope and representation.

Thomas aims to help Georgia move forward and shed its old political class and adopt modern ideas, including forceful advocacy of worker rights, government transparency and the improvement of the everyday's Georgian's quality of life.