Jaheem McLaurin

Jaheem McLaurin

Marlboro County Council, District 4, SC

2022 Endorsement

Jaheem is a community leader who is willing to do whatever to champion the rights of those he serves. He is a man of integrity that believes in the power of the people. He believes that we all are called to be public servants in some way. Jaheem is not afraid to speak up for what he believes in.

As a third-generation citizen of Marlboro County and an honor graduate and former Student Body President of Marlboro County High School and Northeastern Technical College, and a first-generation college student, Jaheem has seen many changes in his community, good and bad. Jaheem is a young man that does not know everything but is not afraid to learn and ask questions. Jaheem believes it is past time for Marlboro to grow and become a county that represents ALL people.

Serving as Student Body President at Marlboro County High School, he empowered, listened, and motivated people. He believes Marlboro County Council needs someone who represents the future of the county that will engage the younger generation. Marlboro County Council needs effective leadership that can unleash the county’s growth potential while preserving what makes Marlboro such a unique place to live, work, and explore.

Marlboro County Council District 4 is depending on him to find ways to bridge the gaps, bring industry and revenue into our county, support public safety, repair our crumbling infrastructure, provide recreational opportunities for our youth, and in addition, seek ways to improve our healthcare.