Noah Arbit

Noah Arbit

Michigan House, District 20, MI

2022 Endorsement

Growing up in West Bloomfield, Noah was steeped in the teachings of his Jewish faith, including the biblical phrase “justice, justice shall you pursue.” Those words became a lifeline for Noah as he found himself in a Michigan courtroom, barely 18 years old, testifying against the sexual predator who had assaulted him and many others.

Noah continued his pursuit of justice through political engagement, serving on Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's staff and advocating for policies to help Michiganders thrive. In the aftermath of the Pittsburgh synagogue attack, Noah founded the Michigan Democratic Jewish Caucus to empower and mobilize Michigan’s Jews and take on hate, bigotry, and antisemitism in the political arena. Most recently, Noah was appointed Director of Communications for the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office, helping establish a partnership to assist the prosecution of hate crimes targeting LGBTQ+ people, and spearheading the creation of the first-ever Racial Justice Advisory Council.

Noah’s proud Jewish identity, his journey to self-acceptance as a gay man, and his experiences with depression and ADHD drive his passion to address Michigan’s mental health crisis and tackle rising hate crimes across Michigan.

Though he never imagined running for office, Noah is running because he was tired of watching his hometown of West Bloomfield continually gerrymandered and treated as an afterthought in policymaking conversations in Lansing. West Bloomfield, Commerce, and the Lakes deserve a passionate, forward-thinking, relentless leader who shows up, works tirelessly, and fights for people with faith and fidelity.