Ryan L. Jones

Ryan L. Jones

Washington, DC Attorney General, DC

2022 Endorsement

Ryan is running for Attorney General for the District of Columbia in order to create new solutions to cure age-old problems that were exacerbated by the pandemic. We are in times requiring new and bold thought leadership. Ryan knows he has to give back to his hometown in this capacity.

Ryan vows to "rewire the system to empower people" and give "equal access to justice." Ryan has proposed the following plan to cure issues such as gun violence, housing and education disparities, and environmental concerns:

1) A Taskforce - to revise, repeal, amend, or rewrite the D.C. Code and Municipal Regulations to ensure equity in our systems;

2) Fund an Expungement Clinic - to ensure we reduce recidivism and give residents a real chance at earning a living by having a more fair chance to earn a job;

3) Fund a Will/Trust Clinic - to ensure residents are protecting their assets during their lives to pass down to coming generations, to reduce a cycle of hardship;

4) Expand Public Advocacy - to give access to counsel and the courts to protect our residents and their rights while deterring bad actors from future bad acts.