Danielle Helzer

Danielle Helzer

Nebraska State Board of Education, District 6, NE

2022 Endorsement

Danielle is a former public school teacher running to represent District 6 on the Nebraska State Board of Education because she knows strong public education is essential for our individual and collective futures. Danielle spent 8.5 years teaching high school English in rural, urban, and suburban Nebraska. Before she left the classroom to focus more on her kids, Danielle was named the Outstanding Young Educator of the Year by the Nebraska Language Arts Council and the Susan McDaniels Teacher of the Year Award from the Nebraska Writing Project.

While teaching high school students, Danielle also worked to provide teachers across Nebraska with relevant professional development. She served as a co-director for the Nebraska Writing Project and co-facilitated graduate courses for teachers at UNL. She briefly served as an adjunct for UNO in the teacher-education department teaching writing across the content to practicing teachers. Danielle has spent the last seven years tutoring students at local community colleges, working in the nonprofit sector, and volunteering alongside her family.

Danielle is passionate about protecting public education in Nebraska and using it as a vehicle to support ALL students, staff, and communities. She lives in Grand Island with her husband, Nate (a new high school principal); her two 13-year-olds, Jon and Kylynn; and her two rowdy dogs, Bella and Frankie. When Danielle isn't campaigning, she can be found reading, kickboxing, skateboarding, and checking out local restaurants with her family.