Damian Lima

Damian Lima

Rhode Island House, District 6, RI

2022 Endorsement

Damian is a proud queer, transgender, immigrant, and public health worker. He uses his experiences with housing and food instability to inform his advocacy, and he believes in showing kindness to struggling people and communities. Damian also believes organizing people is the best way to fix our government's failures.

His work in healthcare, LGBTQ youth advocacy, and immigration advocacy led him to trust the leadership of the communities most affected by an issue. He has also learned that "the voiceless" do not exist, but many people are silenced by big economic interests.

The world is becoming unlivable at an accelerated pace. People earning poverty wages can't keep up with the rising costs of housing, healthcare, and childcare – all while giant companies make record-breaking profits. But, Damian knows that resources are available to correct many systemic failures. Local government and community are the first line of defense against a system rigged for the ultra rich and powerful. Damian has dedicated his life to fiercely advocating for the rights of LGBTQ people, immigrants, the poor, and other disenfranchised communities.

He is the first in his family to graduate from college, and he recently finished a master's degree in health equity. He has made Rhode Island his home to build a family with his husband.