Julianne Gale

Julianne Gale

Washington Senate, District 35, WA

2022 Endorsement

Julianne has dedicated her life to supporting youth and the environment. She co-founded Mason County Climate Justice and manages the Skokomish Indian Tribe’s youth program. A community organizer at heart, Julianne has also worked in public education, union construction work, community mental health, oysters, wood products, and nonprofit management.

Julianne is running for state senate because she wants to ensure a good future for the youngest generation. She believes that rural and small-town voices belong at the center of statewide policy discussions, and she understands that it’s time for a sensible transition to a just and sustainable future. As a mixed heritage woman, Julianne has always been someone who builds connections between different communities. As state senator, she will work together with everyone to focus state priorities on what really matters: food, housing, healthcare, education, clean air and water, family-wage jobs, and the people who live in Washington State.

Julianne was valedictorian at the University of Southern California, where she earned master’s degrees in teaching and applied theatre arts and a bachelor’s degree in computer science.