Natalie Price

Natalie Price

Michigan House, District 5, MI

2022 Endorsement

Natalie is a current city councilmember, a former teacher, and a mom.

When Natalie moved to Berkley with her husband and two kids under two, she craved support and connection. She needed a village, but she didn’t realize that her village would need her too. Natalie signed up for the local parent-tot class only to learn that there was no teacher, so she decided to step up and teach. Natalie became the Administrative Vice President of the MOMS Club when they needed someone to lead service projects. Natalie heard of plans to build a free play space for children under five, a project that needed an organizer, and became a co-creator of the Backyard Playroom.

When a progressive candidate was needed to represent Berkley residents in the city council, Natalie stepped up to run for office. Since being elected in 2019, Natalie has voted to ban conversion therapy in Berkley, worked to expand Berkley’s non-discrimination policy to include gender identity and expression, served on a subcommittee that secured $100,000 for the installation of EV charging stations throughout the city, and passed a budget that includes a $15/hour or $40,000/year salaries for all city employees.

On the playgrounds, at the library, on the doors and on the phones, Natalie found the deep connection to her community that she was looking for. More importantly, she learned just how much we can accomplish when we value diversity, combine our strengths, and work together.