Devin Festa

Devin Festa

Casa Grande City Council, AZ

2022 Endorsement

Devin is a Pinal County community organizer running for Casa Grande City Council. She is familiar with the unique struggles of growing up in a working class rural community. With her background in political organizing, Devin wants to bring her perspective on affordable housing, community engagement, and sustainable urban development to the city council.

Originally raised in San Tan Valley, Devin moved to Casa Grande to be closer to relatives after her family lost their home during the 2008 financial crisis. Due to this experience, she understands the importance of addressing the rising cost of housing in her community. Devin wants to make sure that the city prioritizes the need for a variety of affordable housing options as it continues to expand and grow. She wants to push for multi-family zoning and rezoning existing areas throughout the city that can support various housing types that fit the needs of the community.

Additionally, through her experience working with her local congressman and a local non-profit, Rural Arizona Engagement (RAZE), she realized the importance of engaging with young voters. She believes that young voices can bring a much needed and fresh perspective to local government. Finally, as Casa Grande continues to grow, she wants to make sure it does so responsibly, following the principles of sustainable development. This would be achieved by supporting water conservation, encouraging public transit development, and maintaining community sidewalks, bike lanes, and trails for easier pedestrian use.