Ilya Breyman

Ilya Breyman

Pennsylvania House, District 178, PA

2022 Endorsement

Ilya is an education technology entrepreneur, a first-generation immigrant, and a proud father of two.

As the son of a retired public school teacher, Ilya grew up in a family that instilled a lifelong love of learning, a love that is reflected in both his tech startup and the early childhood education centers his family operates, serving many low-income and immigrant families in the Philadelphia region.

Ilya is running for Pennsylvania State House because he wants everyone to have the same opportunity he did -- the opportunity to pursue their American Dream. Whether it's working to make quality education more accessible and affordable, protecting the rights and freedoms that past generations of Americans fought for, supporting smart, community-driven investments in infrastructure, or helping level the playing field for small businesses and working families struggling to recover from the pandemic— Ilya believes in bridging partisan divides amidst growing polarization to craft policy solutions that work for all Pennsylvanians.