Valarie St. John

Valarie St. John

Grosse Pointe Public School Board, MI

2022 Endorsement

Valarie is running for school board to support all students. She will use her Master’s in Public Health to find evidence-based solutions for the challenges faced by the Grosse Pointe Public School district.

As a parent, Valarie understands how important the school community is to our students’ educational experience, and she plans to improve communication and transparency. When Valarie’s wife joined the Michigan Air National Guard and they were looking for a school district to raise their family, they chose GPPSS because the teachers and staff are so dedicated, and parents are able to participate in the excellent opportunities available to their children.

Valarie trusts teachers to provide an accurate education, and she wants to ensure our students maintain the freedom to learn. This means school needs to be a safe and welcoming environment for every child.

Valarie learned the value of public education as the daughter of two teachers. Her mother later worked as a reference librarian and encouraged Valarie to research every question. Valarie worked her way through college as an aide to people with autism, and volunteered for educational projects with AmeriCorps. Her experience in nonprofit organizations, government programs, and local activist groups has prepared her well for a position as Board of Education trustee. As the only openly LGBTQ+ member of the local school board, Valarie would also be an important advocate for students who are often targets of discrimination and harassment.