Wichie Artu

Wichie Artu

Vermont Senate, Windham County District, VT

2022 Endorsement

Wichie represents a growing multicultural future. He is a farmer, advocate, artist, techy, and a gay Latino from a multiracial family in rural Vermont. If elected, he will be the first queer state senator of color in Vermont.

Wichie’s family is from Puerto Rico, and he was raised in Boston by an indigenous father, two mothers, and sister. They faced homelessness, mental health issues, poverty, and more, but their community provided food, housing, education, and hope. As a teen, he experienced family members pass from AIDS and frequently heard of violence towards the gay community. A mentor showed Wichie a different future, and he now thrives as a gay man because he was provided the tools to create a successful future.

Wichie now pays it forward. He serves on Vermont’s Racial Equity Task Force, and he worked with the governor to allocate COVID relief funds to the undocumented community. With the NAACP and the Department of Health, Wichie moved plans forward to vaccinate the most vulnerable in their community. As senator, he will continue to pay it forward and cultivate opportunities for the community.