Leiyomi Preciado

Leiyomi Preciado

Kitsap County Commissioners, District 3, WA

2022 Endorsement

Leiyomi (Lay-OH-Mee) is a certified peer counselor and community advocate who is recognized nationwide for her leadership on understanding homelessness and mental healthcare through an intersectional lens.

As a survivor of domestic violence, homelessness, and depression in Kitsap County, Leiyomi understands firsthand how difficult it can be for our neighbors to receive help during their most urgent times of need, and how just a little opportunity goes a long way toward helping build a better quality of life for us all. That’s why she’s committed to de-stigmatizing difficult conversations about poverty, housing insecurity, mental health, race, and gender identity - and why she fights to break the barriers to support services so that folks can get help when and where they need it most.

Leiyomi believes housing is a human right, and she believes the science that shows Housing First maximizes outcomes for recovery from economic and mental-health hardship. She’ll expand emergency and transitional housing units on county lands, and fight to ensure that longtime residents aren’t priced out of the county due to new luxury developments. She’s committed to expanding and modernizing transit infrastructure and service options - folks shouldn’t need a car to thrive in Kitsap, and infrastructure improvements help keep our county lush and green for the next generation. Leiyomi will secure full, equity-oriented funding for health and social services, to keep our neighborhoods healthy and safe, and to ease the burden on law enforcement by leaving interventions to the experts.

Leiyomi lives in Bremerton with her two cats.