Meghan Lukens

Meghan Lukens

Colorado House, District 26, CO

2022 Endorsement

Meghan grew up in her district and currently teaches high school social studies. Political engagement and leadership has always been important to her, and she has supported campaigns via canvassing, phone banking, and voter registration.

Meghan values collaboration, communication, and partnership. She is a passionate advocate for every member of the community, and she will work hard to bring communities together to create the future everyone needs and deserves. Meghan is also committed to listening to all stakeholders and experts to reach pragmatic results. She wants to fight for Colorado and has the energy and fire to make changes now.

Megan will work on education, the economy, and the environment. The people in her district need affordable housing, lower gas prices, and stable jobs. Students also need education systems that meet their needs and the funding to do it, and Colorado’s landscapes and water systems need protection.

She has a bachelor’s degree from CU Boulder in history (with a secondary social studies licensure) and a master’s degree in leadership in educational organizations (with a principal’s licensure).