Kellen Squire

Kellen Squire

Virginia House, District 55, VA

2023 Endorsement

Kellen is an emergency department nurse from Charlottesville, Virginia. Kellen first ran for the Virginia House of Delegates in 2017, where he was a part of Run For Something's first group of endorsed candidates. With RFS's help, Kellen was, in the words of former Congressman Tom Perriello, able to "hit the sacrifice fly" of Virginia in 2017, causing the Virginia GOP's caucus chair to spend $500,000 to beat Kellen instead of donating that money to other Republican candidates.

Kellen was on duty treating victims of the mass casualty incident that occurred during the Unite the Right Nazi attack in 2017. He has continued to work in the ER throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, through an epidemic of gun violence in his community. If elected, he will be the only delegate in Virginia with clinical experience, including providing emergent abortion care.

Kellen has also worked in pediatric acute and intensive care and as an elementary and middle school nurse. Kellen decided to become a nurse after deploying to Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina. Until the pandemic, Kellen volunteered for the Remote Area Medical clinic in Wise, Virginia.