Kevin Morris

Kevin Morris

Texas House, District 67, TX

2022 Endorsement

Kevin is running to represent Texas House District 67 to give regular people a voice in the Texas state legislature. He is a family man who believes in freedom, equality, and the great opportunities Texas can provide. Kevin lives in Plano, Texas with his wife and children. He moved to North Texas driving towards the hope of opportunities and has built a successful career at a Fortune 500 company. He is heavily involved in his children’s extracurricular activities and local community organizations.

Kevin will take action with common sense solutions that steer our state towards the common good while avoiding skyrocketing costs. He will work to implement Medicaid expansion in Texas because he believes we have a responsibility to provide accessible health care to everyone. Kevin will protect the right for people, alongside their doctors, to make the best medical decisions for them and their families. He is dedicated to ensuring that life-saving measures are available when medically necessary.

In addition, he knows the importance of providing a good quality of life and education to every child across the state. One of his top priorities will be ensuring our public schools are properly funded and that our students are safely able to learn the lessons they need to be successful. He will also work to protect our voting rights and other constitutional liberties. Kevin will listen to his constituency to understand the issues they are facing and implement the right solutions to improve the lives of all Texans.