Becky Spagnuolo

Becky Spagnuolo

Walled Lake School Board, At Large, MI

2022 Endorsement

Becky has dedicated her life to helping others. In the classroom, she is a teacher’s aide and parent volunteer. In the wider community, she serves as a police officer and works with the parks department. She’s running for the Board of Education of the Walled Lake Consolidated School District because she’s seen the struggles students, parents, teachers, and staff have faced, especially during the past few years, and she refuses to stand by when she can do something to help.

Becky stands against those who would turn our schools into the next battlefield for the culture wars on public and mental health, racial and gender diversity, gun safety, and the accuracy of science and history, diminishing and endangering the whole community to push their own personal agendas. She stands against billionaires like Betsy DeVos and special interests who have influenced the state legislature to chronically underfund and undermine public education, lined their own pockets, and left our most vulnerable children behind.

Becky is running so that every member of the community can receive an exceptional education and the resources they need to thrive. She'll strive for a united community whose members are free from harassment and discrimination, have necessary protections from threats of disease and danger, and have access to opportunities regardless of their personal wealth. She’ll fight for her community. Becky lives in Wixom, MI with her husband and two sons.