Seth Blattman

Seth Blattman

Arizona House, District 9, AZ

2022 Endorsement

My family moved to Arizona when I was ten years old. I went to the University of Arizona on a scholarship and ended up finishing my Bachelor’s degree at Arizona State University. I worked at my father’s furniture manufacturing shop while taking business courses, and went on to receive my MBA.

Like so many families, our business was hit hard by the Great Recession. My family needed me to pitch in and rejoin the family business. It was a tough call but when times are rough, you do what's needed of you. I took on a leadership role in our business; that meant making some hard choices. It turns out they were the right ones and we rebuilt our business stronger than before.

It’s clear that Arizona needs real investment. Near last in the nation in education and healthcare spending; an economy lagging far behind other states... This isn't what we voted for.

I’m running for office because future generations deserve the same educational opportunities I had, my neighbors deserve to feel safe in their community, and all Arizonans deserve to have their best days ahead.