Katherine Leonard

Katherine Leonard

Kentucky House, District 25, KY

2022 Endorsement

The youngest of eight children, Katherine Leonard is a Hardin County native and alumna of its public school system. Katherine holds degrees from Elizabethtown Community & Technical College and Eastern Kentucky University, and she works for a software services company based in Northern Kentucky which provides inventory management support to thousands of small businesses in the automotive recycling industry. Katherine also operates a small business of her own.

Elizabethtown and Hardin County are at a literal and figurative crossroads. At the intersection of a major north-south interstate and the east-west parkway system, Hardin County is on the precipice of becoming a major player in emerging technologies. The new EV battery plants coming to the area will lead to an explosion in growth that the local infrastructure isn’t ready to handle yet, and neither are many of the people who live here. People fear the unknown, and with change comes uncertainty.

As a good listener and proven problem solver, Katherine is the ideal representative to help lead the community through this transformation. Her love of research and ability to explain complex concepts in simpler terms will help assuage the concerns of her community, and she will work within the government to ensure the needs of the growing population are met. Government works best when it’s providing for the common good, and Katherine will be an empathetic and honest voice for Hardin Countians in Frankfort.