Michael Young

Michael Young

Nebraska Senate, District 18, NE

2022 Endorsement

Michael is running as a BIPOC father, business owner, and taxpayer who has extensive experience in public, for-profit, and non-profit sectors. He wants to ensure that Nebraska is a welcoming place for all while continuing to create a stronger, more vibrant community where people feel that their voice is being heard. Michael was previously elected as the Vice-Chair of Metropolitan Community College of Nebraska and Chaired the Transit Authority of the City of Omaha.

Michael's five pillar platform is centered on:

(1) Economic development, with a transit oriented design that will bring in revenue, use resources more efficiently, and allow the city to lower property taxes.

(2) Technology investments, by investing in expanded access to broadband across the state and to utilize technology to lower barriers between departments and processes, which reduces the painstaking amount of time it takes to get work done.

(3) Transparency through the use of town halls.

(4) Equity, by focusing on the causes of inequities in ever evolving communities and addressing challenges related to diversity and inclusion.

(5) Justice reform, by supporting sustainable employment with a minimum wage that is a living wage and supporting education and programs that alleviate community ailments that lower recidivism and provides access to mental health services.