Daniela Silva

Daniela Silva

Austin City Council, District 3, TX

2022 Endorsement

Daniela is running for office because she is passionate about equity, justice, and a city that can maintain long-term sustainability. She has a calling to serve and is deeply concerned about the future of the city and the direction it is headed if housing, health, and environmental equity are not taken more seriously.

It is time elected officials not only have the academic and professional background necessary to do the job well, but the lived experiences required to approach social, political, and economic issues with nuance and empathy. She has the lived experiences that come with being a first-generation, millennial, queer woman, who is also Spanish-speaking, working class, and a renter.

Daniela is prepared to be the next city council member to represent District 3. She has a master's degree and serves on the Hispanic/Latino Quality of Life Resource Advisory Commission, which prepares her for the policies that would be crossing her desk. She also has experience working with the government on the state, federal, and international level, and she has a history of organizing, activism, and advocacy in Austin, focused on food insecurity, gerrymandering, homelessness, and restorative justice.