Steven R. Julian

Steven R. Julian

Broward County School Board, District 6, FL

2022 Endorsement

Steven will work to make schools better for students, teachers, staff, parents, and the community. He has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Nova Southeastern University, but he began college at Drexel University, competing as a Division 1 wrestler. He had a career-ending injury that eventually brought him back to his high school as a wrestling coach. Working at Fort Lauderdale High School gave him first-hand experience of what happens daily in schools: teachers care and work hard to get their students across that graduation stage, parents struggling with the pressures of life, and students dealing with countless stresses.

His experience in the private sector, as a wrestling coach for diverse youth, and the knowledge gained through his master’s program in clinical mental health, makes him exceptionally qualified to understand the emotional, educational, and financial needs of the school district. He will be accessible, engaged, transparent, receptive, and respect everyone equally. Having been in the private sector with fiduciary responsibilities, he will be a financial watchdog and prevent fiscal irresponsibility. As a coach, he knows more must be done to improve schools.

Steven is invested in the Broward County community. It is his home, where he and his wife plan to raise their family.