Jasmine Tyler

Jasmine Tyler

Milwaukee City Council, District 9, WI

2023 Endorsement

Jasmine is running for Alderwoman in the 9th District, with a focus on understanding and addressing community concerns. As a former executive assistant for Aldermanic District 6 and having assisted over 40,000 constituents, Jasmine has the expertise to create tailored solutions for District 9.

Jasmine plans to bring new businesses and developments to the district by leveraging resources from various sources, including her national network. She has established relationships with youth, parents, business owners, and developers in the district and plans to collaborate with them to enhance safety measures.

Safety is a top priority so she co-founded “We Locked In,” a program for youth ages 12-17 that offers life skills services, wrap-around services, stipends, and incentives. This program has reduced crime in three different Milwaukee districts, and Jasmine aims to make it permanent in District 9 and collaborate with the Office of Violence Prevention to improve safety.

She believes that the 9th District can have a positive impact on the economy and community by supporting small businesses, restoring established ones, and opposing the proposed juvenile prison from entering the district while improving community relations.

Born and raised in Milwaukee and currently co-parenting three children and has experience as a Music Tour Manager/Booking Agent and currently serves as the Director of Community Engagement for the “Iverson Classics” and “Iverson Manselle Bates” enterprises and the Executive Director for Mega Star T-Pain’s High School Music Academy. Jasmine learned the importance of collaboration with local and national organizations in these roles.