Cairnie Pokorney

Cairnie Pokorney

Derry School Board, NH

2023 Endorsement

Cairnie, a community organizer for progressive change in New Hampshire, has a passion for teaching others how to use their voices. He has worked on ten campaigns throughout the state in various roles and participates in multiple boards and committees at both the state and local levels. Cairnie was elected Secretary on the Executive Board of the NH Young Democrats and Recruitment with the NH New Leaders Council.

Cairnie believes public education is essential to a functioning society and was motivated to run for a one-year seat on the Derry, NH, School Board after seeing firsthand the power of stepping up and using one's voice to create change. He is a strong defender of small class sizes and wants to balance quality education with limited resources. Cairnie will critically analyze the district's needs to find ways to increase the number of paraprofessionals available to meet the needs of students. He will also create opportunities for community outreach so families and kids of all backgrounds and identities can be included. Cairnie knows the importance of having a strategic plan and optimizing the curriculum, and he will work tirelessly to develop and implement strategic long-term solutions.

Cairnie has a unique skill for seeing both sides of a situation and developing strategies. As a proud transgender man, he knows the importance of diversity of viewpoints and perspectives to provide a welcoming space for all students.