David M. Shields

David M. Shields

Farmington Town Board, NY

2023 Endorsement

David is a dedicated and engaged member of the Farmington community who is running for the town board. With a passion for environmental sustainability and government transparency, David is committed to promoting the town's well-being and deterring future water crises.

As a member of the Farmington Conservation Advisory Council and the Farmington Chamber of Commerce, David is actively involved in promoting economic development and environmental responsibility. His platform includes updating the town's website, improving notification processes, and promoting government transparency regarding taxpayer-funded projects.

David's advocacy for the environment extends to his belief that local towns have a duty to mitigate the climate crisis. If elected, he will work to promote green energy sources such as electric charging stations, solar power, and windmills. He is inspired by local climate activists' "Color Your Town Green" initiatives and believes in taking action at the local level to combat the climate crisis.

With a background in political science and experience campaigning for local candidates, interning for a United States Senator, and excelling academically at the State University of New York at Geneseo, David is well-prepared to serve Farmington residents. He is committed to promoting transparency, accountability, and responsible governance in the town board.