Heidi Drauschak

Heidi Drauschak

Virginia Senate, District 35, VA

2023 Endorsement

Heidi, a resident of Springfield, Virginia, is a driven professional who holds a law degree and MBA from the University of Richmond, Virginia. Heidi had an early interest in state government, which led her to found CrowdLobby, an organization dedicated to giving everyday people access to lobbyists through crowdfunded campaigns. Her drive to make a positive impact in society has remained constant, and she believes that corporate interests are overrunning the government and more needs to be done to give ordinary people honest access to their legislators.

Heidi has helped found and run a non-partisan good governance organization focused on campaign finance reform, government transparency, and increased citizen engagement in Virginia. She now works with her husband in their own consultancy firm and spends her free time participating as an executive committee member at BigMoneyOutVA, advocating for campaign finance reform in Virginia.

After years of being told by legislators that these structural issues were not a priority, Heidi decided to take action and seek change from within the legislature itself. Heidi is thrilled to be seeking the Democratic nomination for Virginia's newly redrawn 35th Senate District. She has a passion for promoting honest and transparent governance that represents the interests of everyday people. With her vast experience in public service, Heidi is poised to make a difference in Virginia's state government and beyond.