Nelsie Yang

Nelsie Yang

Saint Paul City Council, Ward 6, MN

2023 Endorsement

Nelsie, the first Hmong American woman to be elected as councilmember in Saint Paul, was sworn into office in January 2020. Raised in a family of Hmong refugees, Nelsie is the youngest of five children and has a background in social work and social justice activism. Her experiences with systemic poverty and racism led her to political organizing to make change.

As a racial equity organizer and former union steward, Nelsie fights for dismantling systems of oppression, bigotry, white supremacy, racism, and racial capitalism that benefit from the labor of marginalized groups. Her campaigns have focused on raising the minimum wage, ensuring renters' rights, supporting small businesses, and electing progressive candidates.

As a councilmember, Nelsie continues to champion these issues and co-governs alongside people, labor unions, and organizations to build a united society across race, class, and gender. Her vision is to create a community where everyone is included and no one is left behind.