Tara Maldonado-Wilson

Tara Maldonado-Wilson

Fort Worth City Council, District 11, TX

2023 Endorsement

Tara is a business owner and a nurse who served on the frontlines of the pandemic. She is a native Texan and a mother of three who is running to represent Fort Worth's newly drawn District 11 on the city council. Tara's commitment to servant leadership is rooted in her belief that the constituents of this new minority opportunity district deserve to be represented by someone who understands their perspective. As a representative of neighborhoods that have been overlooked for decades, she is eager to listen to the community's concerns.

Tara's motivation to run for office stems from her frustration with how the city council addressed the concerns of the community following the death of Atatiana Jefferson. She found her voice standing for justice and accountability and is committed to representing and fighting for the people of District 11. Tara wants to ensure that the District 11, which has historically been disenfranchised or overlooked, has a strong voice.

She’s a proud Latina from humble roots who pursued education and committed herself to giving back to the community, Tara is the right person for the job. She is dedicated to advocating for fair treatment, representation, and equality for all residents of District 11. Her experience in business, healthcare, and as a mother gives her a unique perspective that she will bring to the council. Tara is passionate about creating positive change in her community and is ready to serve the people of District 11 with honesty, integrity, and hard work.