John Bender

John Bender

Magisterial Judge, District 02-2-02, Lancaster, PA

2023 Endorsement

John is a Magisterial District Judge for District 02-2-02 in Lancaster, PA, known for his unwavering principles of fairness, integrity, and justice. As a former public defender for more than 8 years, John has extensive experience representing vulnerable members of the community who are battling substance abuse and mental health issues in court.

John's campaign for District Judge is focused on bringing about much-needed reform in a system that has been historically over-represented by police, prosecutors, and constables. Through exploring alternatives such as diversion courts, treatment programs, and community service, John is fighting to alleviate sentencing disparities and build stronger community ties.

Unlike the current system that often inflicts arbitrary cash bail, John is committed to finding a fair solution that safeguards the rights of people who are in a vulnerable position, without punishing them for their inability to pay. He believes in reforming the system by making it more informative, transparent, and attuned to the needs of the community.

As a responsible institution, he views the court as a space where informative events can be hosted to educate the community members about their legal rights and how they can ensure that they are treated justly. All these principles and experiences that John possesses make him an ideal choice for the position of Magisterial District Judge for District 02-2-02.