Tyler Titus

Tyler Titus

County Executive, Erie County, PA

2023 Endorsement

Dr.Titus is an accomplished Licensed Professional Counselor, small business owner, activist, and parent. Their remarkable achievements and contributions to the community have garnered well-deserved recognition.

As the first openly elected transgender public official in the State of Pennsylvania, Dr. Titus' groundbreaking win in November 2017 shattered gender norms and paved the way for a more inclusive government. During their tenure on the Erie Public School Board, they held leadership positions as vice president and president, which enabled them to advocate for more resources and support for students struggling with mental health issues.

Dr. Titus has been a driving force in the LGBTQ+ community for years and is the founder and board chair of Compton's Table, a non-profit organization that caters to the needs of queer youth in the area. They continuously work towards creating a safe and inclusive environment where these young individuals can thrive and be themselves.

Moreover, Governor Tom Wolf appointed Dr. Titus to co-vice chair the State's first LGBT Commission of Affairs in the summer of 2018, which is a testament to their expertise and undeniable impact in the advocacy sector. In 2020, they were reappointed to the same position, underscoring their unwavering commitment to advancing the cause of LGBTQ+ rights.

As Dr. Titus enters the next chapter of their career, they have their sights set on serving their community further by running for Erie City Council. With their impressive credentials and extensive experience in governance and advocacy, the people of Erie can be confident in their capabilities and the positive impact they will undoubtedly bring to the role.