Sheila Rachels

Sheila Rachels

City Council, Ward 2, Malden, MA

2023 Endorsement

Sheila has always had a special connection to her beloved hometown of Malden, which is why she's running for Ward 2 City Council. Her vision for the community centers around bringing people together through community-focused events and improvements. Eager to enhance the transparency and accessibility of information coming from City Hall, Sheila brings experience in grassroots organizing through her work with Friends of the Malden River.

As a City Councilor, Sheila is committed to bringing residents together, making civic involvement more accessible to all. She intends to collaborate with residents to establish a neighborhood block club, regularly hosting town halls and coffee chats to keep in touch with her neighbors. To encourage greater engagement, Sheila wants to bring farmers markets and block parties to the area, promoting local businesses and strengthening the community. Additionally, she hopes to foster a sense of community by building community garden plots in Ward 2, promoting fresh food options and healthier eating habits.

Sheila's commitment extends beyond connectivity and promoting healthy living; she plans to focus on walkability in Malden. One of her objectives is to plant more shade trees, making the city a greener and more beautiful environment. She also wants to address critical issues like potholes and sidewalks. As a longtime resident with deep roots in her hometown, Sheila is uniquely positioned to make a difference. By bringing transparency and accessibility to City Hall, fostering community engagement, and enhancing walkability throughout Malden, Sheila's goal is to create a happier and stronger community for all.