Emily Hornbeck

Emily Hornbeck

City Council, Trenton, MI

2023 Endorsement

Emily is a dedicated advocate for Trenton, known for her work as a teacher, mother, and community leader. She is running to serve on Trenton City Council, driven by her desire to continue the positive momentum and progress the city has experienced in recent years. As a mother of five, Emily's top priority is to ensure that Trenton is a safe and welcoming place for families. She will seek to encourage walkability throughout the community, improving access to the downtown area and expanding the city's parks and recreation programming.

Emily's experience as Vice Chair of the Downtown Development Authority has helped foster a thriving local business community. If elected, she will continue this work, supporting entrepreneurs and promoting economic growth. Emily is deeply committed to environmental sustainability and ensuring that Trenton's waterways remain clean and protected. As a member of the recycling committee, she played an active role in bringing curbside recycling to Trenton.

Emily's three youngest children are actively involved in the community, attending a nearby preschool and elementary school, as well as participating in local sports and martial arts programs. Her hands-on involvement in her children's activities gives her a unique perspective on the needs and concerns of Trenton families. With her combination of experience, passion, and deep roots in the community, Emily will make an outstanding addition to Trenton's City Council.