Erin Easter

Erin Easter

Mayor, West Lafayette, IN

2023 Endorsement

Erin is committed to fostering a community in West Lafayette where people of all backgrounds feel welcome and included. As a candidate for Mayor, her main goal is to create a diverse and growing city where university students, families, and long-time residents can thrive. Erin's vision for the future of West Lafayette is based on her extensive experience in community development and preservation.

Currently serving as Director of Development for West Lafayette, Erin has worked tirelessly to drive economic and community growth. She has overseen numerous initiatives to improve the area's public art, historic preservation, and human relations, as well as leading projects on redevelopment initiatives. Her expertise in these areas will be invaluable should she be elected as Mayor.

Erin's own roots in West Lafayette are deep. She grew up in the area and attended Lafayette Jefferson High School and Purdue University, where she earned both her B.A. and M.S. degrees. Her passion for community development began during her time working as a field organizer in Ohio for Obama for America back in 2008. Her experience there solidified her belief that everyone deserves a voice in their community.

She is aware of the various challenges faces the people of West Lafayette, including issues with transportation, early childhood education, and housing. If elected, she will work closely with local government partners and university leadership to address these challenges head-on and ensure that everyone in the community has equal opportunity to a better life.