Joseph Piccione

Joseph Piccione

School Board, Region 2, Boyertown Area, PA

2023 Endorsement

Joe has over 17 years of experience working as a dedicated teacher and youth sports coach. He is passionate about ensuring that every child in our district receives a high-quality education, which is why he is excited to contribute his skills and expertise to make education the top priority for our children.

As a parent himself, Joe understands the importance of partnering with families and the community to create a supportive and innovative learning environment. He firmly believes that by working together, we can fulfill the mission of the Boyertown Area School District, which is to cultivate an exceptional learning community that enables all students to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

One of Joe's main objectives is to prioritize long-term financial planning. He recognizes that in the past, the board has focused on short-term savings at the expense of necessary investments for the future. Joe is committed to changing this approach and implementing a comprehensive financial plan that ensures the district's resources are allocated effectively and responsibly.

Transparency is also a key value for Joe. He believes that open communication and engagement with stakeholders is crucial to gaining their trust and support. By increasing transparency and actively seeking input from parents, students, and community members, Joe aims to create a board that listens and takes their concerns into account.

With his strong belief in the power of public education, Joe is determined to fulfill his commitments to our district. He possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience that will enable him to effectively navigate the challenges and opportunities that arise in education. Through his hard work and dedication, Joe aims to create a thriving educational community that benefits both our children and our broader community.