Jon Irons

Jon Irons

County Commissioner, Lehigh County, PA

2023 Endorsement

Jon, a candidate for Lehigh County Commissioner, strives to represent the interests of the people and make meaningful investments in the community. With a decade of experience in education and student services, he has developed a keen understanding of the challenges that working families face, especially when they lack access to critical resources.

As a dedicated volunteer organizer, Jon understands the importance of prioritizing and safeguarding housing affordability. He aims to protect rental assistance and support the Whole Home Repairs Act, while advocating for tenants' right to counsel in court. Additionally, he believes in ending the use of solitary confinement in Lehigh County Jail and reducing the number of people with mental illness who are incarcerated.

Jon recognizes the need for responsible economic development in the region and will push back against excessive warehouse development. He plans to use his platform to advocate for economic development initiatives that prioritize the interests of the constituents he hopes to serve.

Finally, Jon's expertise in data management and continuous improvement will enable him to make sustainable and proactive investments in human services for the county. His hope is to help those in need more efficiently and effectively by providing them with the resources they require.

Overall, Jon's people-first approach and dedication to improving the lives of Lehigh County's residents make him a compelling choice for the role of County Commissioner. With his leadership, Lehigh County can become a beacon of responsible governance and progressive values for the region.