Juan Pablo Jaramillo

Juan Pablo Jaramillo

City Council, At-Large, Revere, MA

2023 Endorsement

Juan, a passionate supporter of social, economic, and racial justice, has made a name for himself as a union organizer and immigration rights activist. Born to hard-working Colombian janitors who migrated to the US to escape violence, Juan quickly became involved in advocacy efforts to help undocumented individuals achieve legal status and better opportunities.

During his time in college, Juan worked alongside his parents as a janitor at a prominent hospital in Boston. He witnessed first-hand the challenges faced by janitors working in the healthcare industry, which strengthened his resolve to advocate for workers' rights. Juan's commitment to social justice led him to become a union organizer, where he has served as a tireless advocate for fair wages, better working conditions, and job security.

Juan's current campaign for political office centers on tackling some of the most pressing issues facing his community. He aims to make public transportation free for working-class individuals, create a universal childcare program, and address the housing crisis by making housing more accessible to all. With his strong record of activism and advocacy, Juan is well-equipped to successfully implement these policies and improve the lives of those living in his community.

Through his tireless efforts and dedication to social justice, Juan's story is a powerful testament to the idea that anyone can make a positive impact on their community with hard work, commitment and a vision for a better future.