Joanna Bryn Smith

Joanna Bryn Smith

County Council, At-Large, Luzerne County, PA

2023 Endorsement

Joanna is a tireless community advocate and passionate public interest attorney, committed to serving the under-served and under-represented in her hometown of Northeastern Pennsylvania. Joanna holds a B.A. in Philosophy and Fine and Performing Arts from St. Joseph's University and a J.D. from City University of New York Law School. With her education as a foundation, she has dedicated her life to practicing public interest law, which aligns with her values and sense of purpose.

For nearly a decade, Joanna served as a public defender at the county's Conflict Counsel Office, where she worked diligently to uphold her client's constitutional rights. Her work in this area earned her a reputation as someone who was dedicated to protecting those who needed it most. More recently, she has shifted her focus to help domestic violence survivors as a staff attorney at a local resource center. Joanna is inspired by her clients and is committed to serving them with dedication and compassion.

Not content to limit her work to the courtroom, Joanna is also a proud community advocate and an active member of several non-profit organizations in the area. She sits on the Board of Directors of the Charitable Foundation of the Luzerne County Bar Association, where she helps steer the organization's efforts to serve the local community. Additionally, Joanna is committed to promoting the arts and serves as a board member of Fine Arts Fiesta, the state's oldest public juried arts show.

Beyond her work with these non-profits, Joanna is an educator who shares her passions for music education and public speaking with the younger generation. She believes it is important to invest in the community's future, and the best way to do this is by supporting its youth.

Joanna's dedication to public service has earned her a reputation as someone who selflessly cares for others. Through her work, she aims to help ensure the betterment of her community for generations to come.